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Pregnancy With a Natural Diet

veggies_natural_pregnancyThis references a whole-foods plant based or vegan diet:

“If this type of diet means less heart disease, less diabetes, less cancer, it’s no surprise to me that you’re going to find it leads to less infertility,” says Susan Levin, R.D., director of nutrition education at the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, a nonprofit organization that promotes health through nutrition (“Natural Fertility,” 2011; Tarkan, 2010).

It’s one of my favorite quotes!

I learned this first hand.  When we are dealing with infertility at least for me anyway, I felt that I was divided. I was two teams just like the Patriots and the Colts or the Redskins and the Cowboys. Two teams that didn’t seem to really get along. There was the “me team” who put on make-up every day, went to work and checked of my to-do list. Then the other team, who I wasn’t crazy about. “Team reproduction” and quite frankly I was tired of dealing that team. I felt they weren’t pulling their weight. I was taking care of what I was supposed to but my eggs and fallopian tubes were not cooperating. It was like doing a project with a group of people and isn’t there always that one person who relies on everyone one else to do the majority of the work while they stay up late and watch reruns.

I thought I was doing everything I was supposed to do and I found myself putting blame on my reproductive organs for not pulling their weight, but the truth was I was the one who was letting “team reproduction” down. Once I starting consuming a whole foods plant-based diet, all bodily function began operating as they were intended to and after 3 years of struggling with infertility I became pregnant in less than three months.


Overcoming Infertility

We expect our bodies to work. We get up and we don’t think twice about our feet moving one after the other to get us to the kitchen or down the hall in the office.  We open our eyes and we expect to see. What about the rest of our bodily functions? As women, we expect that one day when we want to become mom’s our reproductive organs will work. What happens when they don’t?

On Overcoming Infertility

overcoming infertilityWhat happens is we feel ashamed. The problem of infertility is swept under the carpet even in this day and age – no one talks about it. We feel like we are less of a woman. We feel we are letting down our partner or spouse.  This is what happened to me. It also happens to almost 7 million women a year in the United States.

I was diagnosed with unexplained infertility. I was in my mid-late 30’s and I was ready to start a family. I thought my body was letting me down. What I learned was I let down my body. I let down my body because I wasn’t giving it enough nutrition. I wasn’t giving it what it needed to be healthy and hormonally balanced.

 Infertility and Nutrition

Once I changed my diet to a whole foods plant based diet, I became pregnant in less than 3 months! This was after three years of trying, several rounds of infertility treatments and giving up the dream of holding a baby in my arms.

We hear about it all the time. How stepping away from a SAD (Standard American Diet) can cure diabetes, migraines, eczema, heart disease and even cancer.  The health benefits for me were similar, but miraculously different.

I’ve recently authored a book sharing my story. I hope to help other women and families who are in the same predicament I was in not too long ago. Not only will you read about my journey, you will find interviews with 11 experts including Dr. T. Colin Campbell author of the best selling, China Study and his new book, Whole, Dr. Neal Barnard, executive director of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, Dr. Pam Popper, executive director of the Wellness Forum and more.