Trying To Conceive? Can't Get Pregnant? Need Infertility Help?


kim-headshotHello, my name is Kimberly Richards. I wrote this book because I want to help women in the same situation I found myself in not long ago. I know the secret pain you are going through. I know the heartache you feel. I know first hand the ups and downs of wanting a baby more than anything. I know what it feels like to try everything and fail month after month. We feel we have a dirty little secret we carry around with us. For some reason the issue of infertility is swept under the carpet even in this day and age. I don’t know why, but I hope to change it.

Advice on Getting Pregnant
All I did to become pregnant in less than three months after trying to conceive for over three years was change my diet. Simple as that. Yes, that’s all I did to finally become pregnant. And you know what, it can happen for you too. The Standard American Diet or SAD doesn’t give our bodies any help getting pregnant. It leaves our bodies processing over processed foods, caffeine, fried foods, dairy and animal products. By leaving these items on the shelf and consuming whole foods we balance our hormones and give our bodies the proper nourishment to get fertile and want to conceive.

Fertility Option
In my book not only will you learn my story, but you will hear from eleven experts. Scientists, doctors, cook book authors, advocates and others who will walk you through the process of learning what good nutrition really is and in my case, was my solution to infertility.

I wish you all the best and please let me hear about your success!